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I will always be grateful to my provider attorney. Thanks to his dedication, determination and professionalism, I now have legal rights over my daughter's well-being.

Maurice I., Owings Mills, MD

I have received more support from my provider attorney than I have from our system here in about 3 years. I appreciate all that has been done for me. Thank you all.

Tammy Y., Irvington, AL

What a unique and creative way to work with an attorney. I was expecting to spend a few thousand dollars, but instead I got the paperwork I needed done for a few hundred and handled the rest myself.

Larry A., Austin, TX

Mothers Rights – Helping Moms Defend Their Custody and Visitation Rights

Mothers share a very special bond with their child, starting when their child develops in the womb. Then after birth a child needs the nurture and care of a loving mother. Children thrive with this relationship. As a mother, an unbundled attorney will work to ensure your parental rights are protected.

What are "Parental" Rights?

The law says parents {with some exceptions} have certain rights with regard to their children. Basically, parents have a right to make decisions for and act on behalf of their children. Examples of decisions a parent is entitled to make and actions a parent is entitled to take include deciding where their children will attend school, what health care their children will receive, and which religion their children will practice. Of course parents have rights to spend quality time with their children, regardless of which parent is granted custody. Unless these rights are taken away, they reside with both parents.

Mothers Seeking Custody of Their Children

In view of these rights, courts decide where the children will live if the parents are not together. All courts base their decisions on the best interests of the children. In most cases, the law dictates that the parents start on equal footing when it comes to parental custody.

However, if you as a mother wish to have custody of your children, it is important to emphasize to the court the reasons it is in the best interests of your children to live with you. Perhaps you share an extremely close bond with your children, or you feel your care is critical to their well-being. Some courts recognize the "tender years" doctrine, which places priority on the intimate involvement of a mother during a child's early, formative years. In other cases, it is simply more practical that a child should live with his or her mother, such as the case of an infant who is nursed rather than formula-fed.

Get the Help You Need to Exercise Your Rights as a Mother

If you are a mother who wants to have custody of your children you should seek counsel from an unbundled attorney. When you speak with your unbundled attorney, discuss the points you wish to emphasize in convincing the court that living with you is in the best interests of your children. Similarly, if you feel as though you are not able to exercise your parental rights, your unbundled attorney can explain your parental rights that can help ensure that you will be involved in the important decisions in the lives of your children.

I want to thank you for your help and your professionalism in this matter. You truly made it very easy and stress-free. I will recommend you to anyone that may seek legal services.

Celine M., Spring, TX

Thank you for helping me get this started. You have no idea what this means to me. Without you we wouldn't have known what to do, so thank you so very much!

David C., Bellefontaine, OH

I had a good experience with this office. They're very professional, want to help, and have a reasonable price.

Maco R., Cypress, TX

Why Use Unbundled Legal Help™ Services?

Recent studies indicate at least 23 of people that file in court do not have a lawyer representing them. We all know the importance of hiring an attorney, but the fact is most people "go it alone" because they simply cannot afford one.

With Unbundled Legal Help™ services, we have attorneys that offer unbundled legal services which can significantly reduce the cost of working with an attorney.

When you hire an attorney on an "unbundled" basis, you are billed for fewer hours, which costs you less money.

Instead of hiring an attorney to handle your entire case start to finish, you can hire the attorney to handle specific parts, which "unbundles" these tasks from the parts you can do yourself.

Unbundled legal services is not a good fit for every case. Hiring an attorney for full representation may be what you need, but before you commit to spending thousands of dollars up front, find out if unbundled can work for you.

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